Gilmore Girls Revival Recap: Fall

There are no words... and yet, there are a lot of words.

Let's start with the episode itself and then move on to my thoughts on where the characters are at after this series. This was a great episode, actually. I delve more into this further down, but I actually loved the last four words. I thought they were a brilliant way to end this show.

The quirkiness was the best part to me. The scene towards the beginning with Rory and her Yale friends was super weird and engaging. After watching I finally read all the opinion pieces on the series I had been waiting to read, and this one by Paste was my favorite.

This episode (in some ways) reminded me of the entire last season of Parks and Rec. You know you're going out, so why not do whatever the heck you want and make it interesting TV.

Now, let's rank the characters in how they came out at the end of the series:

First Place: Emily Gilmore

Her change of character was fun to watch unfold. She reinvented herself a lot, but without losing her Emily Gilmore sass. Unless a character is going to turn out to be a villain, I like my character's stories to generally take an upward trend, and Emily's did. Certainly Richard's death was sad - I think Palladino's portrayal of Emily grieving was well done - but over the course of the series I liked her more and more. (I mean, I always liked her even in the show, but by the end of the series she becomes the kind of person I'd want to hang out with in her beach house in Nantucket.)

Second Place: Loralai Gilmore

Maybe it's because she wound up exactly where I wanted her to wind up, but I liked Loralai's storyline this time around. Again, I enjoy an upward trend in my characters and Loralai, to me, seemed to have one in this series. She could *finally* differentiate between what she wanted and what she needed.Good job, Loralai.

As an aside, I thoroughly enjoyed even more Parenthood cameos in this episode.

Third Place: Luke Danes

That monologue at the end (though sort of co-dependent) was awesome. Mainly because we see that Luke (on top of being dependable and always there for Loralai) now is the type of person that will fight for their relationship when he thinks Loralai is about to pull one of her crazy shenanigans. One of the most frustrating things about his character in the show was his passivity. So it was nice to see that different side of his character.

Fourth Place: Sookie St. James

She gets a place just because she showed up!! Thank you, thank you, thank you. I loved every second she was on the screen.

Last Place...... sigh: Rory Gilmore

It wasn't because her career didn't unfold like she wanted it to.
It wasn't because she didn't wind up with the guy I wanted her to.
It wasn't because she is pregnant.

It's because - and this is hard for me to admit - I think Rory Gilmore has never been the kind of person I could be friends with, and this series really drew that out.

When the last fade-to-black happened, I felt several things. First, shock. Second, anger. Third, acceptance. Fourth, resolution. It totally made sense to me. The fact that Palladino knew that the last words of the show would be Rory telling her mom she was pregnant made absolute, perfect sense. And I thought it was incredibly genius.

HOWEVER, it made me really, really sad that Rory getting pregnant happened the way it did. How much sweeter would it have been if she was in (at the bare minimum) a stable relationship with someone who actually cared about her? It would have been PERFECT. Like you wouldn't even have to wonder about the gender of the baby, it's obviously going to be a girl, and you would have known that the Gilmore Girls were continuing in a much happier, healthier place than where they started, and you got to watch a huge part of the journey. And that would have been good TV.

But no, Logan had to be the father. Who sees no problem with making her a kept woman. I will give credit where credit is due and recognize that he wanted to marry Rory at the end of the original show. Which actually made it weirder to me how "okay" he was with the whole mistress situation; and Rory barely makes me believe that she has a problem with it either. Her last scene with Christopher was heartbreaking as well - even more so in hindsight of knowing she's pregnant - when she asks him why he didn't fight to be in her life more.

Maybe someone who liked Rory and Logan together could explain to me what the deal was, it seemed like Palladino wanted us to believe that they were saying goodbye to each other as two human beings that have a mutual respect, but just recognize their relationship is at an end and they've held onto it way longer than they should have. Instead it was super awkward and a bit creepy to me that Logan came back. It made him even more slimy in my mind. Their last scene together was like, "Hey let's be super selfish just ONE more time."

So, I was sad Rory was pregnant, but not because she was pregnant, because of how it happened. She gets last place because I think she's the only character that didn't change. She still can't seem to say no to something she wants, even if it's bad for her.Which, truthfully is a main character trait of Loralai in the original show. Are the Gilmore Girls fun and quick-witted and do they love each other deeply? Yes. Is impulse control one of their strengths? No.

And maybe Palladino wanted Rory there, vaguely resembling where we met Loralai at the very beginning of the show. If so, she did an excellent job in writing the character, it's just painful for me to finally admit Rory Gilmore is a character I don't like.

As for me, I'm just going to pretend like Rory moves to New York or Boston and raises her baby and writes, and she and Jess (because that scene where he looked through the window at her?? Ugh, you guys.) eventually wind up together.

All the supporting characters were fantastic. In hindsight the townspeople of Stars Hollow are one of the strongest parts of the original show, and it was no different for the revival series.

I'd love to hear other thoughts! Please, as my husband (for some reason), is not willing to listen to me process this series anymore than I already have.


Gilmore Girls Revival Recap: Summer

This was the worst episode in the series so far... until all of a sudden it wasn't.

The excruciatingly long "Stars Hollow" play, Michel leaving, Rory becoming the editor of the Stars Hollow Gazette. At one point during all of this I thought, "....are we going anywhere, ever?" 

But then, ladies and gentlemen, Jess Mariano was on camera for less than five minutes and fixed all of "Funk Rory's" problems. This scene felt like sweet vindication to me because it was a perfect example of why I've been #teamjess all along. Say what you want about Dean being her "first love" or Logan being... I don't know, actually.... but as far as Rory's love interests go, Jess was the one that understood her the most. 

I'm hoping Loralai's venture into the wilderness clears her head. It is very obvious to me that she and Luke should use the money bequeathed to Luke to expand the Dragonfly and therefore keep Michel. But, *shrugs* who knows. 

And it wouldn't be a Gilmore Girls series without one decent fight between Rory and Loralai. Even though these were the wuuuhhh-ooorrssstt episodes to watch in the series, they also rounded out the characters. In a weird way it's kind of satisfying to watch Loralai and Rory fight because it makes their mother/daughter relationship a bit more believable. I do side with Rory in this one, though... more or less. 

Though a bit heavy-handed, I thought the song at the end was genius. It made the ten or fifteen minutes we spent watching the awkward musical earlier in the episode worth it. 

Before heading into the final episode, here's where I hope all the characters end up:

Loralai: Married to Luke, expands the Dragonfly and has an intense, lasting moment of healing with her mom. 

Luke: With Loralai, and never without his baseball cap. 

Rory: With Jess, OR it would actually be just as satisfying to me if she was solo with her head on straight, working for a serious newspaper/magazine and/or writing her book that everyone (looking at you, Loralai) needs to admit is a great idea. 

Jess: Very few thoughts here since his character has only been on screen for a tight five minutes, but it'd be nice if he ended up with Rory. 

Dean: Where are you Dean? I'd just like to see a cameo. 

Logan: Please leave forever and always. 

Kirk: Stay the same. 

Taylor: Also the same. 

Paris: I really want her and Doyle to reunite. I appreciate them as a couple. 

Michel: Don't leave! Ugh, I guess they could have him leave but it'd have to be done in a satisfying way. 

Emily: Deep healing with Loralai - I'd love to see them end as friends. Like if the ending scene were Emily, Loralai, and Rory eating Friday night dinner and laughing I'd be totally cool with that. 

I'll be back after watching the Fall episode. Here's to the last four words. 


Gilmore Girls Revival Recap: Spring

Okay, this time we'll recap by moments in the show, not necessarily in chronological order.

The Fiance Drop


Logan's (ew) dad (double ew) dropped the fact that he was engaged super casually in front of Rory. And nothing was explained?? Not going to lie, at this point I was ready to stop watching.


The Paris Meltdown

Yeeeesss. Francie coming back? Brilliant. The bathroom scene at Chilton was the highlight of the episode for me. Methinks Paris is pregnant, but only time will tell.

a second film by kirk

I can't believe I didn't mention Kirk in the Winter recap, because he has been a highlight of the revival. Seeing Lulu and he together has made my heart happy.

The Parenthood/Gilmore Girl Daughter Jealousy 

Well played, Daniel Palladino, well played.

The Wookie Induced Rory Meltdown 

"Funk Rory." CALLED IT. May she now leave. I really needed this scene to happen because it finally showed that Rory knew things were spiraling. I'm still really frustrated at the Rory/Logan story line, as cheating is not really that funny no matter how many quick-witted pop-culture references you throw around it. May we hope for an upward trend from here?


I'm re-iterating a friend's thoughts that I read on the matter, but basically he (up to this point) is completely unnecessary to the plot. It's not terribly funny and only heightens the nausea that I feel when Rory and Logan are on screen together.

Where are Jess and Dean? 

It's not that I'm aching for Dean and Rory to have an awkward run-in, but the show is going to seem kind of empty until they have an interaction. I was never #teamdean, but I recognize the pivotal role he had in Rory's character development. Plus I really hope that they wrote him and .... Lindsay?.... a happier marriage than they had in the show.

It probably goes without saying that I'm hoping Rory winds up with Jess. I would even settle for them running into each other in the last five minutes of the show and grabbing coffee to catch up, with strong implications that this is the start of a beautiful relationship with non-adulterous overtones. (cough)

TBD if watching the Gilmore Girls grown up has been enjoyable or weird. So far, I wouldn't recommend these to someone who had never seen Gilmore Girls and was getting ready to start the series. I'm basically watching them for the cameos at this point.