My Story

I'm a not-so-newlywed with one baby boy. I work in full-time campus ministry, and like any twenty-something who finally realizes they're an adult, I blog because adulthood is freaking scary. 

The Lord created Adam from dirt, and I think if that method were carried on through for me, He'd have used a handful of Texas Hill Country soil with a few sprinkles of dust blown off some forgotten piece of history in the back corner of a museum. 

I love Jesus. Every day He's teaching me how that has way less to do with me and a whole lot to do with Him. 

I love my husband. He is my partner, my hero, my best friend, and he never lets me settle for a life lived in fear. He's the one thing I don't mind being cheesy about, because it's not cheesy if it's true. 

I love my son. Z is the sweetest and scariest person I've ever met. Learning to trust God with Z teaches me to trust God with my own heart, because the day he was born he stole a huge chunk of it and I don't think I'm ever getting it back. 

I work with college women. Not because I'm an expert on how to succeed in college or how to succeed at being a woman, but because I feel many women long for the intimacy of the Garden, but we settle for control, and God had such better dreams for us than we allow ourselves.  

I love to externally process with a good friend and a good cup of coffee. 

And, I love to write.