My Soulmate

My husband and I met my freshman year in our college small group. At the time I was a chronic crusher & happened to think I was extremely deep and sophisticated; he was a philosophy major, stood at 6'4", and was charmingly confident.

We were friends first. Before we even started dating, he saw me laugh and cry, he saw me at my worse and at my best, he saw me angry, he saw me full of joy.  

Our relationship has not always been easy. Dating, in fact, almost did us in. We are, by the grace of God, much better as husband and wife than we were at being boyfriend and girlfriend. 

We fell in love during long conversations in the afternoon sun. We would sit on a grassy hill on campus and talk each other into skipping class. We had already been friends for two years, at this point, and falling in love with a friend is something I'd recommend for anyone. 

The closest thing I can compare it to is watching the sunrise slowly bring light to everything around you. It's the same as it always was, but you see things more clearly. 

We tried dating and, much to our surprise, weren't very good at it. When we broke up I was hurt and confused, but I knew something was wrong and to keep dating would have been a mistake. Looking back, it was one of the best things that happened for our relationship (besides getting married, of course.) 

After being separated for a time, the Lord healed a lot of the damage we had done. One day, Hubs came to me while I was at work, with a note and poorly-concealed smile. 

"Don't read this till you get home." 

So I drove home with my heart beating in my ears, curled up in my backyard hammock and with hands all shaky opened up the note. And he had written words of tenderness, apology, forgiveness, and reconciliation. He had written words of friendship, and something deeper. I cried and felt lighter than I had in awhile. I had my best friend back. 

This time, we didn't date. This time we just spent time together, we talked to God, we healed.

Then one spring morning, he got down on one knee, on another grassy hill top, and asked me to marry him. 

I often say that God is the only reason we're together. If it weren't for His grace, we might have missed out. There's no way I was mature enough, smart enough, humble enough, or wise enough to pick such a man on my own.

And it turns out two people that are terrible at dating can be pretty good at marriage. Who knew? 

He loves me more than I deserve. 
He is stubborn and doesn't allow me to lie to myself. 
He brings out the best in me, and when he does bring out the worst, he loves me anyway. 
He reaches for my hand. 
He is a safe place. 
He speaks words of tenderness and joy over our son. 
He is humble & wise. 
He seeks counsel when we hit hard places. 
He'll do anything to make me laugh. 
He is my best friend and my soulmate. 

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