Gilmore Girls Revival Recap: Spring

Okay, this time we'll recap by moments in the show, not necessarily in chronological order.

The Fiance Drop


Logan's (ew) dad (double ew) dropped the fact that he was engaged super casually in front of Rory. And nothing was explained?? Not going to lie, at this point I was ready to stop watching.


The Paris Meltdown

Yeeeesss. Francie coming back? Brilliant. The bathroom scene at Chilton was the highlight of the episode for me. Methinks Paris is pregnant, but only time will tell.

a second film by kirk

I can't believe I didn't mention Kirk in the Winter recap, because he has been a highlight of the revival. Seeing Lulu and he together has made my heart happy.

The Parenthood/Gilmore Girl Daughter Jealousy 

Well played, Daniel Palladino, well played.

The Wookie Induced Rory Meltdown 

"Funk Rory." CALLED IT. May she now leave. I really needed this scene to happen because it finally showed that Rory knew things were spiraling. I'm still really frustrated at the Rory/Logan story line, as cheating is not really that funny no matter how many quick-witted pop-culture references you throw around it. May we hope for an upward trend from here?


I'm re-iterating a friend's thoughts that I read on the matter, but basically he (up to this point) is completely unnecessary to the plot. It's not terribly funny and only heightens the nausea that I feel when Rory and Logan are on screen together.

Where are Jess and Dean? 

It's not that I'm aching for Dean and Rory to have an awkward run-in, but the show is going to seem kind of empty until they have an interaction. I was never #teamdean, but I recognize the pivotal role he had in Rory's character development. Plus I really hope that they wrote him and .... Lindsay?.... a happier marriage than they had in the show.

It probably goes without saying that I'm hoping Rory winds up with Jess. I would even settle for them running into each other in the last five minutes of the show and grabbing coffee to catch up, with strong implications that this is the start of a beautiful relationship with non-adulterous overtones. (cough)

TBD if watching the Gilmore Girls grown up has been enjoyable or weird. So far, I wouldn't recommend these to someone who had never seen Gilmore Girls and was getting ready to start the series. I'm basically watching them for the cameos at this point.

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