Gilmore Girls Revival Recap: Summer

This was the worst episode in the series so far... until all of a sudden it wasn't.

The excruciatingly long "Stars Hollow" play, Michel leaving, Rory becoming the editor of the Stars Hollow Gazette. At one point during all of this I thought, "....are we going anywhere, ever?" 

But then, ladies and gentlemen, Jess Mariano was on camera for less than five minutes and fixed all of "Funk Rory's" problems. This scene felt like sweet vindication to me because it was a perfect example of why I've been #teamjess all along. Say what you want about Dean being her "first love" or Logan being... I don't know, actually.... but as far as Rory's love interests go, Jess was the one that understood her the most. 

I'm hoping Loralai's venture into the wilderness clears her head. It is very obvious to me that she and Luke should use the money bequeathed to Luke to expand the Dragonfly and therefore keep Michel. But, *shrugs* who knows. 

And it wouldn't be a Gilmore Girls series without one decent fight between Rory and Loralai. Even though these were the wuuuhhh-ooorrssstt episodes to watch in the series, they also rounded out the characters. In a weird way it's kind of satisfying to watch Loralai and Rory fight because it makes their mother/daughter relationship a bit more believable. I do side with Rory in this one, though... more or less. 

Though a bit heavy-handed, I thought the song at the end was genius. It made the ten or fifteen minutes we spent watching the awkward musical earlier in the episode worth it. 

Before heading into the final episode, here's where I hope all the characters end up:

Loralai: Married to Luke, expands the Dragonfly and has an intense, lasting moment of healing with her mom. 

Luke: With Loralai, and never without his baseball cap. 

Rory: With Jess, OR it would actually be just as satisfying to me if she was solo with her head on straight, working for a serious newspaper/magazine and/or writing her book that everyone (looking at you, Loralai) needs to admit is a great idea. 

Jess: Very few thoughts here since his character has only been on screen for a tight five minutes, but it'd be nice if he ended up with Rory. 

Dean: Where are you Dean? I'd just like to see a cameo. 

Logan: Please leave forever and always. 

Kirk: Stay the same. 

Taylor: Also the same. 

Paris: I really want her and Doyle to reunite. I appreciate them as a couple. 

Michel: Don't leave! Ugh, I guess they could have him leave but it'd have to be done in a satisfying way. 

Emily: Deep healing with Loralai - I'd love to see them end as friends. Like if the ending scene were Emily, Loralai, and Rory eating Friday night dinner and laughing I'd be totally cool with that. 

I'll be back after watching the Fall episode. Here's to the last four words. 


  1. C'mon Christina, it's Joey Tribiani and Jess Mariano ;-)

    Admittedly I had to google Jess' last name, but I knew it wasn't Tribiani lol

    1. I thought that sounded weird yet vaguely familiar... ha! I googled it and that was the last name they had. WHAT.