Gilmore Girls Revival Recap: Winter

Since I am moving in two weeks and my family is in the middle of a hellacious stomach bug, I thought an appropriate reaction would be to analyze the Gilmore Girls Revival. I will write a brief analysis after each show. So, know as you read this that I have only seen the Winter episode.

Before beginning, I just have to say that my expectations were low. They had to be because Gilmore Girls was always special to me, and I was desperately worried that this revival would ruin a really magical TV watching season in my life. Not to mention, if they attempted to stay true to the what made Gilmore Girls... Gilmore Girls... it might come across stilted. This is, I think, a natural hazard when you're taking actors that have aged 15 years and coming back to a world they've supposedly been living in. It would be like coming back home after that long. You know these people, but you don't. It'd be weird and unnatural if they acted the exact same way they did 15 years ago as most people change, but at the same time it'd be weird and awkward if they didn't.

So, all that to say, I think as long as these "show revivals" are going to go on, they have a sizable - if not impossible - job ahead of them.

Here are my thoughts, character-by-character.

Loralai: So far I am undecided, but in general I like where she is at. It's funny because I feel like Loralai is the linchpin that holds the show together. She and Rory, she and Luke, she and Emily, she and Michelle.... etc. She is connected with all the characters who may not be connected to each other. So far, she's doing a great job being the linchpin. It feels weird that I don't have much to say here, other than I thought the best scene of the episode was between she and Emily at Richard's funeral.

Rory: Mmmmmmm, girl. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. A thousand and a million times NO. I understand, there are those of you who are #teamlogan. But really? Here's the deal, in Rory's character arc, they would give her these seasons of "funk." Like when she lived in Emily and Richard's pool house for a year, or the darkest of all episodes, when she WENT BACK TO DEAN and then fought with Loralai about it like a small child. "Funk Rory" is confusing and obnoxious to me, and I think they started out with "funk Rory." Struggling as a writer, in a real ambiguous relationship with her ex-boyfriend. And yet.... it makes her more well-rounded. I have to say that part of me admires Sherman-Palladino for taking the most likable character on the show and bravely making her not likable. Also, the "struggling" writer bit is slightly hard to believe as she jet sets between New York and London, and looks fabulous while doing so. That should probably be expected since one of the show's trademarks, I think, is being completely unrealistic about certain aspects of life. Like the amount of coffee one can drink or junk food one can eat.

Emily: It's too soon to tell, but I think Emily Gilmore is finally going to get her opportunity to shine during the Revival. She is amazing as Loralai's mom. AMAZING. And the show never had the time, I think, to do her justice. She is, after all, a Gilmore Girl. And it always felt weird that we never got to see more sides to her. I am excited to see where she and Loralai's therapy sessions end up.

Luke: I really, REALLY, hope they don't mess with he and Loralai too much. Of course they're going to, but COME ON. The deal is, Luke and Loralai never had great chemistry when they were "together" on the original show, and that's why it was great that the show ended at the beginning of their relationship. So, I get how hard it would be to have four episodes and not throw in a little drama. But listen, Luke and Loralai were always supposed to be together. So let them be together. Even if it is kind of boring. That's why we like Luke, he is dependable and he balances out Loralai's absolute crazy. He makes Loralai's character a bit more realistic. No 47 year old woman can eat like Loralai pretends to eat, okay? It's hard to believe that she'd still be alive or able to get out of bed if Luke weren't there.

Paris: All things yes. I am thoroughly enjoying what they did with Paris' character. It was a brilliant move to apply her character to owning a successful fertility clinic and letting it play out in the dialogue.

Logan: Get out. Or at least finally show your true colors and be the jerk that I somehow believed you always to be. I imagine the arrogance wafting off of him is the only thing that overpowers his designer cologne. I think he's the kind of guy that smirks in his sleep, okay?

Lane: I really hope she gets more air-time, but we'll see. If nothing else I enjoyed that we got to see her, still rocking out and rocking the mom and wife thing.

Sookie: Coooommmeeeee baaacckkkk. :( Man, I can't remember if they said Melissa McCarthy has a brief cameo or not, but it's rough not having her there. The Dragonfly was just as much hers as it was Loralai's. Bleh. Do not like. Though, thanks to Chef's Table I did understand the reference to where she had gone.

Michel: Enjoyed, as usual.

That's all I can think of for now. Will post again after I watch Spring!!


  1. I said the same thing about Blue Hill Farm! Would not have known without Chef's Table, haha. I look forward to more of your reactions!

    1. Thanks! I felt very sophisticated when I caught that, lol.