Strong Love

I have this friend, she has this joy-dance she does during worship sometimes. She looks up and smiles and it's just her and Jesus.

There are moments I wish I had an inhibition or two less, so a joy-dance could come from me as well. 

I'm working on it. This song puts me a step or two closer. 

(It picks up in the middle of the first line, and it's kind of long, but if you have ten minutes it's worth it.) 

Becoming a servant to find freedom is counter-intuitive. Only in Christ, though, have I been bound in freedom, for I am bound in love.

I am bound, and yet can breathe deeply. There are no chains here. No fears.

Only His arms, that hold me.

Maybe His love is the only thing strong enough to free us, because it is the only thing strong enough to keep us close to Him? 

Here's the lyrics: 

Strong Love
Jon Thurlow 

Death nor life, 
Nor angels nor powers, 
Present things or things in the future, 
Height nor depth nor any created thing, 
Could separate me from Your love. 

Your love, 
Is written on my heart, 
And there is not a flood,
That could quench this love, 
I know it's Your love, 
It's stronger than the grave, 
And death could never take me from this love. 

I know the end of the story, 
I come up from the wilderness, 
Leaning on my Beloved. 

Your love is so high, 
Your love is so wide, 
Your love is so deep, 
Your love is so long. 

Your strong love,
Your strong love, 
And it's Your strong love. 

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