Guest Post!

This morning brings some exciting things in my little corner of the blogosphere. I guest posted on one of my favorite blogs: Breakfast Reading!

I send you over there not necessarily to read my post, as it is one I wrote a few weeks ago on this blog, but mainly to check out the non-profit that Breakfast Reading comes from, Soulation.

Dale & Jonalyn Fincher are the husband/wife speaking & writing team that co-founded Soulation. I've had the opportunity to hear them speak a few times and my husband and I also got a chance to sit down with them and have some of the most challenging, and consequentially enjoyable, conversations about faith.

If you're interested in apologetics, philosophy, or the constant struggle between Christianity & culture - check them out!

Here's the link to Breakfast Reading.

And here's the link to Soulation's homepage.


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