Why I Ask Questions

At first, the process of working through tough questions about the Christian faith frustrated me - the back & forth, the complexity, the hard truth that there is no quick answer.

For example, a big one for me is gender roles within the church, this issue is revisited ever-so-often in my head. Most times the waters are too muddy to come to any definite conclusions; and so, after wrestling for a few weeks and maybe clicking one or two of the pieces into place, I table it for next year.

Now I see the beauty in this process.

It will be comforting, if and when I come to a conclusion, to realize it is one that has had time to prove itself wrong.

One that is fed by more prayer & Bible study than can fit into a few hours & the wisdom and council of those who's walk with Christ has been tested and proved faithful much more than mine. 

I've come to find that rarely do I wrestle through an issue that is solely theological (or political, or logical, or philosophical for that matter). More often than not insecurities and flaws are neatly wrapped up in my paradigms & interpretations of the Bible. 

However, running into my insecurities & flaws when wrestling through questions I have about my faith no longer discourages me, because God has met me there.

The Arena of Questions, where I often battled myself & others, is where God brought the deep healing I needed.

And it seems, when entering this arena, in particular, the only armor I can wear is that of God, and not of my own hubris.

A helmet, a breastplate, a shield, a belt, shoes, and a sword.

Salvation, righteousness, faith, truth, the Gospel of peace, and the Spirit.

These are what I'm called to carry when I seek truth.

I remind myself that if I don't approach tough questions with humility, properly outfitted in the armor of God, I risk bringing injury to myself or others. I risk not being equipped to block the arrows of deception, of pride, of anger.

But when I do approach with humility, sometimes I can see God holding His breath, thinking, "Yes, dearest, that one... ask that one! I can't wait to answer you."

Life always comes from the asking when we ask & listen to His words.

His Word has always, always brought life.

That's why I ask questions. 

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