Momma Told Me There'd be Days Like This

Today was a hot mess of laundry, tears, and scrubbing spit up stains out of our new(ish) couch.

Maybe my fertility's returning, maybe it was (yet another) crazy hormone flux while my body continues it's adjustment to the oh so steady not-pregnant-yet-breastfeeding state. Maybe I finally hit that wall that comes from going out of town every weekend for the past month. Maybe it was a combination of all of these things.

Here's a few things I learned while in my crazy:

1. Pinterest is the place where security & being content go to die. My emotional descent began when I logged on to look up a few ideas for a DIY menu planner for my kitchen. Thirty minutes later I found myself staring at the yet-to-be-decorated walls of my home, judging them and myself for their emptiness.

2. Next time I feel this coming on, someone send me a polite, yet firm, text message that says this, "Leave. Your. House. Now." and then a few minutes later send another one, "And going to the grocery store doesn't count."

3. These are not the days to attempt an intense cleaning project that you have to google instructions for because you've never done it, like cleaning all the baby spit-up stains from an almost brand new couch. Who needs the stress of potentially ruining new furniture by trying to clean it when you're so on edge that the wind changing direction makes you burst into tears?

4. Try to tell your husband things that normal you would feel so that he will understand your rage is not actually because the way he breathes is annoying. Example, "When all of this is over I would be really sad if I made you feel like you were doing a bad job of being a husband, you're amazing, but right now all I really care about is getting my way."

Tonight I had a chance to be with friends and think about things besides babies and to-do lists, and as always that helped a ton.

Right now I'm simply glad that days like this come just like that... in days, not weeks or months, but days. It's good to remember.


  1. Not that this is superhelpful, but sometimes your fertility doesn't just RETURN. It kind of has to ramp up. Perhaps your body overdid it on something this time... It hasn't done the whole "cycle" thing in a pretty long time, after all.

  2. Hey I have a blog a while back with the exact same title! Theses days do happen! I feel ya! And if you find a way to get spit-up stains out please let me know! our new recliner is covered in them! :)

    1. Erin!

      I've been stalking pictures of your little one. ADORABLE. So, even though the process was intense when I tried it - it worked pretty well. I used baking soda & club soda. The instructions said to cover the stain with a little bit of baking soda and dampen the area with club soda. Let it fizz, rub it with a smooth cloth (I used a baby washcloth). Let dry, and once it's completely dry vacuum up the baking soda.

      I actually combined the baking soda and club soda in a small bowl and made a "paste" that I rubbed onto the stains. I, however, didn't let them dry enough before trying to vacuum up the baking soda so it left some faint white marks. I'm just going to do it again and I think it'll lift the stain completely. :) Hope that helps.