Thanksgiving, Day One

In part writing exercise and part spiritual discipline, I'm writing a post each day for the rest of November about something I am thankful for.  

Thankfulness, like joy, is more a discipline than anything? One that I too often wait to feel than do. Maybe thankfulness tills up the heart-earth so seeds can be planted. 

I say, often, that God has given me more than I deserve. This is true, but it feels too weak. The truth is God has flooded my life with the good in a way that brings me to my knees. I use to dwell in what could be taken away, and all it did was foster fear. Now, trembling, I dwell in the good things. Trying, with all the soul-strength I have, to let the good in my life point to God.

I think, at the end of the day, we will either suffocate in the brokenness of the world or we will drown in His grace, and maybe thankfulness makes all the difference? 

Day One :: My Husband

Before we get to the mushy stuff, here are some photos from our wedding day. We had an amazing photographer

Writing everything about my husband that I appreciate would make this post incredibly long and ramble-y. 

He's a long walk on a spring day, a sweet tea on a back porch, and a deep conversation over a cup of black coffee all rolled into one. 

See what I mean?

Instead, I'll narrow my focus. Today, what I appreciate about my husband is his passion. It was ignited by Christ, planted at the foot of the cross, and fed by philosophers. 

He loves intensely, plays intensely, thinks intensely, even sleeps intensely. I've never met anyone who can go from wake to sleep as quickly or deeply as he does.

When he proposed, I knew (theoretically) that I was signing up to be pushed out of my comfort zone for the rest of my life. Which, if you know me, is a good thing. My husband shoots for the moon in all aspects of life, and the crazy thing is more often than not, he gets there. 

It has been an adventure, but not in the exotic, travel to far-off lands, kind of way. Anyone who looked at our lives from the outside may not see much out of the ordinary. 

But figuring out another soul like you do in marriage is never ordinary. 

Yesterday was our three year anniversary. In the past three years we have....

...raised support to be stateside missionaries to a college campus.
...thrown out our five-year plan.
...signed up for Netflix, watched every episode of: The Last Airbender, Parks & Rec, several embarrassing sci-fi shows, and season one of Downton Abbey.
...got rid of Netflix.
...created 3,692ish inside jokes.
...fought ... a lot.
...learned how to fight. (Well, for the most part.)
...then even learned how to laugh in the middle of a fight.
...moved twice. The second time being the same week we had Z. In the immortal words of Miss Swift, "We are never, ever, ever..." again moving while having a child.
...spent two summers in Colorado.
...went to the Denver Zoo and watched a polar bear eat a Canadian Goose that had accidentally flown into the polar bear tank. (It was like watching the Discovery Channel in real life.)
...learned that our marriage should be a safe place for each other. A safe place for our dreams to be encouraged, our frustrations to be vented, and our brokenness to be met with grace.
...realized that making your marriage a safe place is easier said than done. Maybe we'll have it down by our thirty year anniversary?
...figured out that my husband loves mixed drinks more than I, and I love dark beers more than he.
...had a baby
...and done a thousand and one different things that have slowly knit us together.

Thank you, Jesus, for letting me walk through this life with him. 


  1. Christina, this is such a sweet post, and a great testament of God's love for us. You two are just perfect for each other.

    PS. Your wedding pictures are stunning! xo

  2. Thanks! I love our wedding pictures so much. Fortunately we have a good friend who works at our church and doubles as a photographer. She's got a great eye. :)

  3. I really enjoyed reading this! Such a great post about your relationship journey and love!! :)

    1. Thanks, Summer. :) p.s. Adiah is getting so big! I saw some pics on facebook the other day and couldn't believe it.