Big News!

Y'all, he has no idea. 
That's right. We're expecting!

Can we all just collectively throw back our heads and laugh? Because life has this thing about curve balls, you know? 

Having more kids was part of the plan, but having the next one so quickly wasn't... exactly. 

Over the past three months, I've had a few good cries that were mostly hormones but also the Holy Spirit working on my heart. Turns out, something about chasing around a fifteen-month-old while you're trying not to vomit makes you break down every once in awhile. 

This woman once had very grand dreams for herself that didn't include kids, but this Momma is realizing that my dreams left by themselves are often lacking

And really, God has a history of speaking His dreams into existence, even His greatest one sometimes goes by the Word. So why on earth and under heaven would I hold onto my version of my life when I could take the version of the One who is able to literally breathe the impossible into being? 

I couldn't think of a good reason, either. 

So this little one grows inside of me, along with some God-written dreams.

And I'm so thankful they're both there.

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