New Life

Love is dangerous. 

It redeems, you know. And redemption is never something to be trifled with because redemption incites change. Deep change. 

And the love of which I speak is not human born & fed, but divine. 

Let's face it, we humans are not perfect and while our love can have something of the hushed & holy, it can also damage. Because people can damage. 

God, though, God redeems and refines and restores. He does not damage. 

He might deconstruct, but always, always, always, His love leaves wholeness in its wake. 

And while love from another person can feel like a warm fire on a cold night, God's love comes like the dawn. Bringing not only warmth, but light & color & a whole new way of seeing things.

The love of God? It is good. 

It is good because it has no beginning and no end. 
It is good because it calls life out from those who were thought to be long dead.
It is good because it has not only been spoken, and written, but also lived.

Through death and back again.

I'm looking forward to Easter, more so than any other year. This spring has worked something new in me and I am desperate for any moment to be filled up and over with this new life that comes from Him loving me.

Maybe His love requires surrender? And, maybe, after twelve years, I'm just beginning to wave my white flags and His feet start pounding that long dusty path toward me.

I think the Father loved the Prodigal Son when his feet carried him away from home just as much as when they carried him towards it.

And Jesus has been loving me for a long time, much longer than I have been hit-and-miss loving Him. 

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