A Friday Ramble & Share


There really is something about believers gathered. No matter how out of tune the voices that are being raised in worship, or how hesitant prayers fall off the lips of the faithful, it does fill the soul to think that the sacred mixes with our humanity and we can see it before our very eyes.

Maybe it's no coincidence we are called His Body? A mix of the sacred and human that echoes the actual Man who walked this earth.

Last night we discussed the importance of meeting together. Many beautiful reasons to match our different hearts and minds. I, for one, need the nourishment of it all. I need the sweet laughter and the salty tears.

I need the challenge. It is too easy for me to walk in the aspects of my faith that come naturally and let the other bits fall to the wayside. I need someone to serve others endlessly and want me to come alongside them and do the same. I need another to speak Scripture as easily as they breathe and want me to join the conversation. I need someone to love deeply and pull me in with them.

And, selfishly enough, when I hermit myself right into a place of isolation, my writing dries up quicker than a Texas summer, both in quantity and quality.

A faint thought inside me wonders if it's not the same for everyone's giftings, though. They dry up when we can't use them on others.

These are my ramblings for this Friday.


To end, here's some blog posts/videos that I stumbled across this week and loved:

1. I don't know who this girl is, but do I EVER wish I had heard when I was younger (or, what's more likely, actually listened to someone who tried to tell me) why you don't want to miss Jesus while you're waiting for that "special someone".

2. If you are the mother of a toddler (which I'm not, yet...), or just someone who appreciates humor (which I am, always....), you need to read this blog. This is one of my favorite posts.

3. Best video about nursing in public, ever. (Fair warning, it does have a woman breastfeeding, don't want to unnecessarily surprise people!)

4. If you've ever had to do "cold-call follow up" for a church (aka: had to call up a complete stranger because they left their contact information on an info card), you will appreciate this video.


  1. the real problem with unabashed public breastfeeding isnt the obscenity, its the lack of any cultural cues or protocol on how a male interacts with the mom. I dont think theres anything in the world wrong with it, it just leaves people like that poor waiter blowing in a cultural duldrum, looking for an acceptable out.

    1. I'd agree with you, Clark. I more posted the video because of the humor aspect. I never leave the house without my nursing cover just because I'm more comfortable that way. It would be nice if there were a guide written somewhere about appropriate social interaction while breastfeeding, lol.

  2. I agree with gsturdevant! The breastfeeding is normal -- its our cultural view of it that leaves people fumbling in their reaction.

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