Letting Go Is Hard To Do

For the next month, Husband and I are not spending money on entertainment.

Here's why: 

We spend too much on entertainment and giving ourselves barbed-wire boundaries is really... really needed sometimes. 

Usually entertainment that you spend money on lacks quality and attempts to make up for it in quantity. Last time we did this, I think we enjoyed the people in our lives more than media & food and were far richer for it. Literally & figuratively.

More than enjoying the people that surround us, our relationship with each other woke up with a, long stretch and lazy grin, bare feet on carpet, flooded with new life, sort of way. 

And it is humbling when you put a pinch in any "this makes me feel good" hose, and all of sudden cranky doesn't even begin to describe your mood. 

Words like: need, want, happiness, & sacrifice are calibrated. Re-positioned into true definitions. 

We become more generous, less tight-fisted with finances, sure, but also time, forgiveness, grace, ourselves in general...

In a phrase: It's like a detox of selfishness. 

Which I need. Often. 

I'll keep you posted (har) on how this goes. 

Also, I'd love to hear if you've given something up for a time and what you learned from it.  

Also also, here's some pictures of recent Kroeger life: 

I have one of the most amazing cinnamon roll recipes ever. They might be my first recipe post...

Husband took this picture on campus. This is my favorite chandelier in the entire universe. I hope to create a smaller duplicate for our house one day... not quite sure where I'd put it. 

Laugh at me all you want - but I've seen these paper plates all over the place and they give me a small piece of joy that I can't really explain. Someone brought them to our first homegroup party of the semester. 

My friend Leah makes me cry every time she bakes. Tears of sweet, sweet joy.

Some of the guys in our homegroup getting ready to play football with their feet tied together. (Giving the girls a slight advantage.) 

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