A New Year's Hope

My thoughts about the New Year have been brewing for the past week. After attending a conference the last week of 2011 that, fittingly enough, was centered around life-visions & life-dreams, my heart has been churning with what God would ask of me this year.

Those thoughts are still in the works, yet I did think that instead of making a list of irresolute resolutions, I would photograph what some of my hopes are for the upcoming year.

This post was inspired when I looked up from my computer & saw this: 

Last week a friend of mine was sharing her story about when she decided to follow Christ. One morning she was sitting on her front porch and realized that was the first time in awhile she had felt the sun on her skin. At that point she realized that Jesus was to her soul what a spring sun is to those who have just been through winter. These flowers reminded me of her. 

I hope to spend more time soaking in the beauty of following Christ ... 

... to read & listen & therefore, act ...

... to watch dough rise & stews simmer & boil over; then, to pray for my family's & my hope to do the same ...

... to write ...

... and not just watch. 

And to honor and unselfishly love those in my life who have changed me forever, especially one person in particular...

What are your hopes? 


  1. Those are great expectations for this year!

    My hope is that I am able to balance my life now with our new bundle of joy added to the family. Happy new year!

  2. Thanks for sharing! I meant to tell you I LOVE the name you & Ryan chose for Adiah. :)

  3. Loved the photographs.
    Loved the thoughts even more.
    Keep writing!!!

  4. Aww this made me teary-eyed! What a creative way to share New Year's hopes and not just unmet resolutions :)

    May God empower you to fulfill these hopes! Love you!

    Sarah Stewart :)

  5. Sorry for the redundant name posting...I'm not just trying to have my name repeated everywhere :) I'm still new at blog commenting haha!