You Are Good

In the first line of this song, I hear the same kind of cry made by a desperate father in Mark's Gospel. 

You are good... You always have been. 

At one time a solid-as-rock statement & deep-hearted plea. 

A truth I have been wrestling with is that the goodness of God, in some cases, just isn't going to be apparent. 

For so long I stated this goodness as quantifiable fact. Two plus two equals four, and God is good. All the time.  

I had a teacher in middle school who had us repeat that phrase every day: God is good, all the time. All the time, God is good. 

And now I know differently.

I know that God is good. The words don't change, but the heart of the speaker does. How much heavier those words fall, like bricks, when weighted with brokenness; and how much more solid the path built with those same brick-words. 

My spirit, by the Spirit, declares that not only is He good, but He is good all the time. 

All the time, for all time. 

His goodness trickles through cracks & doubts & real-life, impossible-to-drown-out pain. It reaches into a broken world and begins to put the pieces back together.

Lifting my burdens, carry me home. 
Let me hear gladness! Don't leave me alone. 


  1. Thanks, Barclay. :) Hey my sister said that you were calling us out on our "similar looks." I'm really glad she's getting a chance to know you on a mission trip. :)