Loose Cannon

Do you ever feel yourself throwing advice at people with cannon-like force? Hurtling words at a million miles an hour; words that, though born of good intentions, are aimed to fix rather than love?

In the world of spiritual giftedness, I know there are some who are able to discern what is wise and communicate it well, but like any strength, it is bound by it's weakness. 

I wonder if arrogance fetters my passion for truth & healing more than I realize. 

It is a constant lesson for me to learn. To bathe truth in grace, or remove my own fears & paradigms from someone else's problem before telling them, "Well, here's what I would do...."

A word has been growing in my soul lately. Something that comes out in my prayers and thoughts and writing. Lift.

For some reason this word has cooled the fire of pride before I blast someone with unnecessary, "pearls of wisdom." The Spirit tells me to lift them up. To lift their hearts up toward Christ, being willing to hold my arms extended with a strength not my own. 

Lifting does not involve shredding the soul of dignity with assumptions & maxims. 

So, this is my prayer:

That He will teach me to lift up others before Him, allowing His words to divide the soul & spirit, rather than trying to do it myself. 

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  1. Good word my friend! I love that concept of "lifting up." I want to be that way too! Sarah B.