Truth: How Refreshing it is to be Small

Every once in awhile it's good for people to see themselves in a big picture, rather than cropping their world until they are the only one that fits into it:

Last week Husband & I sat with over a hundred men and women who do almost exactly the same thing we do in campus ministry, but at different universities around the nation. 

I was washed over with humility & grace as they shared stories of pain and glory. Stories that appeared as epics next to my, "See Skip run," tidbits. 

Wisdom runs deep when people have had to walk painful paths, and choose to still follow Christ. My perception of "me" was significantly decreased when sitting across the table from those who had been following longer than I have been breathing. 

Following. Trusting. Believing. 

It is so easy to get caught in the daily push and pull, zooming in on my life until every movement and shift seems disastrous, blurring the picture and jarring it into chaos.

All the while, there are thousands, millions rushing around me, begging someone take notice. I'm too busy, though. Too busy serving. Too busy counting up how many times I was sacrificial this week. Focusing in on my own accomplishments until nothing is left but a distorted image of half a person. 

To look up, to increase what my heart is seeing, to realize my smallness - is so refreshing. To serve a God more ancient than eternity, deeper than the soul, and bigger than the night sky breathes freedom into my small, cramped world. 

To be small is to be safe, for you realize your need for protection. 
To be small is to be known, for you realize your need for others. 
To be small is to be less weary, for you realize your need for help. 

Last week I was unburdened by realizing how small, and yet how loved, I was. May the Lord decrease me, only to increase Him all the more. 


  1. I love the truth of this post! Thanks for the reminder that I am small and embracing it all the more will just bring more freedom to me! Sarah B. (not sure why it posts as FC STaff and can't figure out how to change it :P )

  2. From the beginning about the big picture to the last line about decreasing to let the Lord increase, this was a great post!

  3. Personally, I love your writing style. Keep it up... I foresee a future where writing/teaching/mentoring will be huge in your life. Don't worry about what that will look like... right now God is giving you a safe place to prepare for something in the years ahead!
    Love you, nicole