Here Comes the Sun

Kyle and I went outside for Spring Break.

It was fantastic! I love a cup of hot tea and cute scarf as much as the next person, but warm weather and I are M.F.E.O., and though losing an hour of sleep is not fun, gaining an hour of sunlight in the evening more than makes up for it. 

We drove down to the hill country for the week. It's really hard for me to believe there's a prettier place. Especially when you get to experience things like this on a daily basis: 

That sunset, a back deck, and a Shiner make for a nigh unbeatable spring evening. 

Anyway, the point of this post was not to spiral into yet another, "Why are Texans so inordinately proud of where they're from?" moment. 

The point WAS to say, go do things outside - even if it's nothing but sitting. 

Also, I'm trying to make this blog more official. I've done some not-so-serious surfing of the web to look for sites that will create a design that's tailored to me and what I want this blog to be. I don't mind paying some, as I've noticed if anything is going to happen with this whole writing business, it's probably going to cost some money. So if anyone has any good resources they're willing to share, please do!

I also may try my hand at designing my own. So uh, we'll see how that goes. 

When you visit it may look slightly different, but bear with me. We'll just say that this blog is becoming an adult, and the process for it may be just as awkward as it has been for its creator. 

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