And Away We Go

My husband and I will be married for six months on Friday. We will also be celebrating our launch into full-time ministry this weekend.

With two semi-big milestones coming up I decided to (finally) get around to creating a blog.

Why? Because I think that there's a lot to write down when you're experiencing a new marriage and a new career; and if I'm ever going to get any better at writing I might as well begin practicing it and see what people think.

My husband doesn't believe in blogs.

I tried to politely explain to him that, unlike his preconceived notions, not all blogs were random entries of poorly written emotional vomit that people have no business displaying to the public - especially the internet.

"There's a high culture to the blog world," I said. "A lot of well-known and well-respected authors keep blogs."

His response:

"Well just because a super-model goes to the bathroom every once in awhile doesn't mean people want to see it."


Now - my husband doesn't really pay attention to American culture. (I spent most of high school reading People and Us while he was reading the desert fathers.) So it surprised me that he used super-models as an example.

He was a philosophy major in college, though, and I couldn't really deny his logic.

As different as my husband and I are in many areas, we are very similar in others. The biggest being our passion for truth.

It is because of this that we will be working in college ministry over the next several years.

I can think of no other environment where truth is called into question and redefined more than on college campuses, by professors and students alike.

Our hearts are to point people toward what is true - toward the Truth, specifically; and to do so in love. Because with truth there is freedom & vision, which yields life.

We also know that wielding truth without grace does no good.

Hence the blog title.

So this will be a place where I write about the truth I learn in marriage, in ministry, and in life. Hope you enjoy!

p.s. There will also be many pictures because certain parts of me haven't matured past elementary - mainly the one that finds things easier to read with pictures. I find it easier to write if I use pictures as well.

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  1. For your information, Christina, I love to read your writing, and I think (re: your "about me" box) you and writing are QUITE good for each other!! Keep it up. ;)