You Are

One of the biggest messages the world is selling women today is that they are not enough.

It's more than just the magazine covers, isn't it?

It's watching the politicians and career women who's names will likely go down in history books while wondering what difference our own lives make.

It's reading the super mommy bloggers who give their children organic peanut butter and jelly sandwiches cut into seasonal-themed shapes and do so without getting a spot of peanut butter and/or jelly on their throw rug that they bought from Pottery Barn while wondering how long the cheerio we just noticed adhered to the carpet has been there.

It's seeing the free-spirits on instagram who travel the world, keep their beauty and mystery, decorate their studio aparments with old bicycles and tribal masks and survive on herbal tea and soy-based products while we fall into bed in tshirts and our husbands' sweatpants and try not to calculate how many hours of sleep we can feasibly get before being woken up by our toddler.

Our filters are overwhelmed with it from every angle, that it seems impossible to realize that these women don't actually exist. The ones we see on the magazines, on the news, online.

We can't do a thing to make the world stop feeding us this message, I'm afraid. Ever. It is not in its best interest to do so. There's too much to sell, too much money to be made in the make-them-feel-like-they're-not-enough business.

The world tries to fill those places of not enough with boxes and bags and how-to books and burdens that are perfectly packaged, incredibly costly, and absolutely empty. They fill you for about as long as it takes to unwrap them.

Yesterday I sat with women who are all looking to Jesus. Coffee cups filled and emptied and low conversation and laughter spread through the room and my own heart filled with peace.

Christ, I believe with absolute certainty, is the only solid foundation in our world.

Because the world is enticing us to focus on everything we don't have, and Christ commands our focus be on what we've been given.

He is a shelter in the storm of Not Enough.

He fills up those places that scream emptiness with His hope and strength, and without changing a single circumstance, we find our heads lifting and our hearts at peace.

His Spirit fills us with this truth:

You are not enough. 
But you are mine. 
And that is enough. 

In late October, some women who have been seeking the Lord and working extremely hard will be hosting a conference in College Station. I'm pretty excited about going and asking the Lord to remind me of who I am, and who He is.

This conference, I believe, can be an oasis, or a fill station, depending on how you look at it, of truth in our world that inundates us with lies. Taking the time to back away, look to Jesus, and give Him the opportunity to recalibrate our lives is imperative.

Take the time to watch the video below or check out the website, and I hope to see you in October:


  1. Thank You Christina, I know I need to be reminded when lies pop-up, people, life events happen and the world is telling me I'm not enough.