Thanksgiving, Day Six - Eight


Extra grace for a day of traveling with a baby and a day of catching up with family.

Peace as I mixed the pie dough yesterday afternoon and the sunlight streamed in my in-laws' kitchen window. Peace as the dough came together and rolled out thin.

This family is a beautiful gathering, and I am blessed that this home has always been a place of peace for me.

And in my own family, my flesh-and-blood actual, there is peace as well. Not always, but now, peace. The stuff that flows steady in the deep even if there's storms on the surface.

Today, among many, many, many things, I thank God for the peace that He has given those connected to me by blood and marriage. I'm a confessed glutton for it, even as it pours out I cry for more.

Peace as the fire dances and grandbabies sleep and siblings, now grown, laugh at stories from the past.

And when we sat down to break bread we spoke thanks for the past year. My heart was full and how do you express thanks for a whole new person came from you. One who breathes and laughs and lives, who used to sleep tucked up close to your heart and now you hold close as they sleep tucked up in your arms?

Many spoke of change, of marriage and moving and soaking in the more. More peace, more rest, more life, through all the change God had given more.

Peace was there, between the words of thanks and the smiles and tears.

And sitting on the back deck watching a sun set with pie and coffee and deep conversation, there was peace, too.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Working up an appetite

Z and his uncle

Place Setting

Throwing tomahawks




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