Five Minutes of Reflection

Tomorrow is my birthday.

I will be twenty-five.

Twenty-five and...

... in love with Jesus.
... in love with my husband.
... in love with my baby boy, even though I haven't met him yet.
... in love with ministering to college students.
... in love with seeing women believe, for the first time, what Christ has said about them.

Who would have known?

Certainly not this girl:

 My favorite part is that my Aqua-Net bangs match the classy accent-foliage behind me. The shoulder-bows were quite saucy, eh? 

Lago Maggiore, Italy. I had to go all the way across the Atlantic to realize I was called to the U.S., though a piece of me is still there. 

Made one of the best (and biggest) decisions of my life. And I'm so very glad I made the right one. 

An amazing family that has done more than teach me my faith, they have lived it out in front of me, made the twenty-five years a lot less bumpier than they could have been. This is my dad and I at my wedding. Photo credit goes to my little sister. 


  1. Beautiful pictures! Especially the one of your little-girl cuteness. :)


  2. I seriously believe that Blanche should enter that photo in contest. I mean it. Its the single best wedding photo I have ever seen -- because it tells the story -- of parents letting go and holding on. Your blog is beautiful and I get the credit for finding that awesome photo of you as a little girl and giving it to Lindsay to post on Facebook a couple of years ago! It's awesome!!! Much love to you and Happy Birthday Niecy!

  3. I love your recap! You were so stylish in your little puffy sleeve dress! I'm not joking either because that was the style... Why? I'm not sure because when I look at my childhood pictures I get sick to my stomach. lol

    Hope this year brings you the best blessings!