In Defense of Coldplay

Just in case you read that title and thought, "Oh, is this going to be one of those creative posts where she writes about some cultural phenomenon displayed in Coldplay's songs?"

No. This is a post in which I will defend Coldplay, because obviously, without avid fans like me posting ardent rants on their blogs, Coldplay's existence as a band would inevitably cease altogether. 

In highschool, my friend Annika gently pulled the Kenny Chesney albums from my hand and replaced them with good music.

As you can see from my soundtrack Kenny is still there, for sentimentality's sake. 

Either way, the band that has risen above all the rest to steal my affections is Coldplay. From what I can tell, people either radically love or radically hate this band. Here's my two cents: 

1. I don't even care if they did sell out. 

There was a time in college when I had this thing about never being "that person" who was into fads. I wanted Chacos WAY before they were worn by every christian camp counselor across the nation & waited to buy them until they weren't so much "the thing." I also didn't wear shirts with the country of Africa on them because, let's be honest, if it was possible for an entire continent to be a fad - Africa was it.  Seriously, there was a time when I was against "raising awareness" because everyone was raising awareness for everything, Lindsay Funke style. 

All that to say, even when people accused Coldplay of becoming a fad, ask me if I stopped listening. Go ahead, ask me. 

No. Because they're that good. 

3. Last, just in case you heard vicious rumors about plagiarism with their new song, Every Teardrop is a Waterfall, some quick (and highly reliable, I'm sure) research showed that they gave credit to the creators of the original tune by listing them as songwriters on the album. 

So, to end my Sunday morning musical soapbox, I'll leave you with this sweet, sweet musical goodness.


  1. I loved the Arrested Development reference. Right on! :)

  2. Thanks for the prayers/advice. Yeah, I know caffeine can do that. I stopped drinking caffeinated drinks (and for a few years eating chocolate) when I was a kid (they told me it might be causing the migraines I had... guess it worked - haven't had many of those in the past few years.) I do go to bed at a decent hour - typically between 10 and 11, later on Thursday-Friday (but, rarely later than 11:30 or midnight)... :P

    As for the gluten thing, from what I read online, it could take months to know if it helps... I'm hoping to maybe get tested for it, though. I have an appointment with a doctor about that in a couple of weeks (after my appointment with the sleep doctor).

    I don't actually have comments for this post - just figured it'd be better to respond to you here. :) Although, I do like Coldplay, but I don't listen to them much.

  3. @ Lindsay: I couldn't help it.

    @ Ashley: Thanks for the response. Sounds like you've totally done your research! I'll specifically be praying for the doctor's appointments.

  4. Amen. I would like to think that I was also involved in your musical evolution from.. "no shoes no shirt no problem"to something with a little more depth, or even appeal (since we both know Kenny makes me gag). . . but if you don't want to give me a shout out that's cool- I know in my heart I'm a catalyst for good tune-age. :D Also, I <3 Coldplay.

  5. lol that's true, you & your obsession with something corporate had a lot to do with it to.