Guest Post!

I wrote a guest post for my sister's blog.

Elora is my older sister. The first-born in our family and thus, the trailblazer. 

It makes sense that this would come out in her first book, which is being published soon; because of this she decided to do a series on rest on her blog, and invite others to write about their experiences (or lack thereof) with that four letter word while she focuses on editing and tweaking and polishing. It reminds me of when mothers nest right before the baby arrives. 

So, even though nepotism may have been involved, I was honored when she asked me to write. Please check it out and I hope you enjoy! :)

In other news: 

It is slighly ironic I would just write about rest, because I slowly feel my, "I just LOVE being around people ALL THE TIME!!!" tank being emptied. This makes sense as the first three weeks of the semester are the most intense for campus ministry. 

Now, sitting at my desk on a post-dance hall Friday morning in my mid-twenties body, I realize that maybe... just maybe... my body doesn't respond as well to being awake, much less dancing, past midnight as it did when I was eighteen. 

Or, it could be that I sweated roughly a liter of liquid and only put a skimpy 6 oz. of water back into my poor, dehydrated self. (Because honestly, I'm no triathlete, but I'm pretty in shape, so feel like there has to be another reason besides age that is contributing to my sluggishness.)

Either way, re-reading my post for Elora's blog (among all the other amazing posts people have written on the subject) has reminded me to pick up some frozen pizzas, to only do cleaning that will maintain the house at a livable state, & chill the heck out this weekend. 

Do you have any plans for this weekend? 


  1. LOL... That is so funny about needing some rest. I am feeling like that a lot these days. I feel like I am stretching myself thin.... I know it probably has to do more with me being pregnant than my age... well hopefully... :/.

    I am going to try to do the opposite this weekend though and get my house back into pristine condition so I can relax next week. Maybe my plan will work... but most times it doesn't.

    Have a great relaxing weekend girl! :)

  2. I saw that ya'll are expecting!! Congratulations! :) I haven't experienced the fatigue that comes with pregnancy (yet), but from what I've seen and heard tons of napping is a must. Good luck this weekend. :)