Gingerbread Weekend

I know I haven't posted on here in ohhhh... three or four months, but hopefully I'll be able to discipline myself one of these days. 

Every year my husband's family assembles for a Christmas tradition known as "Gingerbread Weekend."

This started over 15 years ago, when they would bake some gingerbread cookies for their neighbors and make a pretty basic gingerbread house.

A decade and a half later, things have gotten a little more intense.

On Saturday morning they gather over a cup of coffee and bring out the supplies from last year. They discuss, draw out blueprints, and always, always strive for greatness. The next two days are a whirlwind of  baking, icing, decorating, and testing the limits of gravity to create a gingerbread masterpiece.

Here's a list of what they've done in the past:

Gingerbread Cathedral
Gingerbread Castle
Gingerbread "Old Woman in the Shoe"
Gingerbread "Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse Complex"
Gingerbread Who-ville
Gingerbread Christmas Tank
Gingerbread Santa's Workshop

.... that's just a few.

This year, we made a carousel:

(I should have chosen a better angle, it's hard to see the detail with the red wall in the background. But I have more pics.)

The roof

Kyle's Charioteer  

The Carnie with his peg leg

We rigged it up to spin - I really like this picture. 

Merry Christmas! 

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