We have a home!! (sans the kitchen table... and a trashcan... and a vacuum.... dangit)

We got home from our church's staff retreat and hit the ground running on our house. Three years of male renters took their toll on our poor little abode.

Not that it was, "Oh look, someone thought it'd be a good idea to permanently epoxy a plywood beer pong table onto that countertop," bad. It just needed a little TLC.  

After three days of running around by ourselves and pretending to get something done, our parents swept in and painted, spackled, trimmed, told us what ridiculous purchases from Home Depot we could return, and helped two first-time home owners set up shop. 

We're still waiting on a few items. Our kitchen table will be delivered tomorrow and we need a vacuum, but our bed is set up and we have clean dishes. 

It's different than I expected. Kyle and I looked at each other after our parents left and realized we were the only two people that were to share all of this space. I've never shared an entire home with just one other person. It's kind of a crazy feeling. 

So is sharing your closet. 

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  1. FYI: All good bloggers post pics at least once per week (which is why I'm not a good blogger). A "moving in" post is the perfect opportunity. Again, FYI. For. Your. Informatics.